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Environmental Consultants, LLC
YF Environmental Services, LLC in Houston, TX
ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING/CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT & ENERGY SERVICE CONSERVATION COMPANY CUSTOMERS Specialized design and construction companies rely on Environmental Consultants, LLC (EC) as a valuable team member to enhance their image and guarantee success on their construction projects.  EC routinely provides services to architectural firms, engineering firms, construction managers, construction managers at risk, and energy service conservation companies.  Perhaps the ultimate compliment is that many large environmental engineering companies retain EC to augment the services that they provide. Just like Owners, construction companies understand that projects built on a solid foundation are more likely to succeed.  Nowhere is this old adage more obvious than managing environmental work.  Environmental trades are often the first trade to “hit the job site” and have a direct and linear impact on schedule and budget.  EC has been retained numerous times over the years to “clean up” environmental projects that were poorly planned by other firms resulting in cost overruns and untimely delays.  EC is proud to say that our work on these types of projects has translated into our best marketing tool – as these customers do not forget what a bad project can do for their organization. The senior staff at EC believes we are the best at putting in the time and resources necessary to understand each specific situation and the factors that may influence work.  “Once the battle of program analysis is understood and won, it is much easier to develop a design to win the war.”  As such, EC’s track record of “Getting it right the first time,” leads the industry and results in environmental projects being completed on time and with no change orders.  This makes our team members look good in front of their customers.
A “large business” strategy with a “small business” attitude …  Providing personalized environmental engineering and consulting services to schools, institutions, business and industry.